Diiant Landing Page

The Diiant Company Landing Page introduces a dynamic consulting and advisory firm based in Seoul, South Korea, specializing in digital transformation, with a particular focus on blockchain adoption. The rebranded website design reflects Diiant's commitment to innovation, providing visitors with insights into the company's extensive expertise and diverse team.

Apr 6, 2023 - Apr 20, 2023


We Did


Web Development, UI/UX Design

Technologies Used

Next.js, Typescript, Figma



Modern Design

The landing page boasts a modern and sleek design that aligns with Diiant's image as a forward-thinking consultancy firm.

Blockchain Expertise

A dedicated section highlights Diiant's proficiency in blockchain technology, positioning the company as a leader in the digital transformation landscape.

Team Showcase

Diiant's diverse team of professionals is showcased, emphasizing the expertise and experience each member brings to the company.

Tailored Solutions

The landing page emphasizes Diiant's commitment to developing customized strategies and solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Case Studies

Real-world case studies are presented to illustrate Diiant's successful collaborations and the impact of their digital transformation initiatives.

Challenges & Solutions


Communicating Complexity

Communicating Complexity


The rebranded landing page employs clear and concise language, supported by visuals, to make intricate topics approachable and understandable for all visitors.


Showcasing Diversity

With a team coming from diverse backgrounds, it was crucial to showcase each member's expertise while maintaining a cohesive brand image.


The Team Showcase section is thoughtfully designed to present individual profiles while preserving a unified visual identity for the entire team.

Results & Impact

Enhanced Brand Perception

The modern design and focus on innovation have elevated Diiant's brand perception, positioning the company as a trusted and dynamic partner for digital transformation.

Increased Engagement

The clear presentation of blockchain expertise and tailored solutions has led to increased user engagement and longer visit durations.

Heightened Credibility

Real-world case studies have bolstered Diiant's credibility, providing evidence of successful projects and their impact on clients' businesses.

Growing Client Base

The rebranded landing page has attracted new clients seeking customized solutions, leading to a growing and diverse client base.

Expanded Market Reach

The website's revamped design and compelling content have extended Diiant's market reach, attracting interest from global businesses seeking digital transformation services.

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