SUI Coinflip Game

The Coinflip Game Project introduces an innovative and provably fair coinflip game built on the SUI network. Users can participate by selecting "heads" or "tails" and placing a betting amount. The smart contract handles the game logic on-chain to ensure transparency and provable fairness. It is the first-of-its-kind coinflip game project on the SUI network, offering a unique gaming experience to users.

SUI Coinflip
June 15, 2023 - July 24, 2023


We Did


Web Development, UI/UX Design, Smart Contract, Web Hosting, Project Management

Technologies Used

Next.js, Typescript, Solidity, Ethers.js, C#, Nethereum, ASP.NET



Provable Fairness

All game results are stored on the SUI network, ensuring provable fairness and eliminating the possibility of tampering.

Gas Saving Solution

To overcome gas costs, the project implements Shinami Gas Station API for gasless transactions, making gameplay accessible to all users.

Two-Step Game Execution

The game's two-step execution process ensures users cannot see the result before confirming the transaction, maintaining a fair gaming experience.

Backend Game Finalization

The backend handles the game finalization to prevent users from viewing results prematurely, enhancing the game's integrity.

Real-Time Game Results

By adding the game result field to the contract object, users can instantly read the game outcome on the frontend without waiting for backend events.

Load Balancer

The project utilizes a load balancer to efficiently distribute incoming user requests and ensure optimal performance during peak traffic.

Challenges & Solutions


SUI Network Specifics

As a firm specializing in digital transformation and blockchain, effectively communicating complex concepts to a broad audience presented a challenge.


Dividing the game into two functions and executing the finalization on the backend side ensured users couldn't predict results before confirming the transaction on the wallet.


High-Traffic Long Wait Times

During peak traffic, users experienced extended wait times to retrieve game results from the backend.


Integrating the game result field in the contract object allowed instant access to outcomes, reducing frontend waiting times and improving user experience. Load balancing effectively distributed incoming requests, ensuring smooth performance during peak hours.

Results & Impact

Provable Trust

The on-chain storage of results ensures transparency, earning users' trust in the fairness of the game.

Enhanced Accessibility

The integration of Shinami Gas Station API removes gas barriers, allowing users to participate without worrying about transaction costs.

Positive User Experience

The two-step execution process and real-time game results have provided users with an engaging and seamless gaming experience.

Pioneering Innovation

As the first coinflip game on the SUI network, the project has positioned itself as an industry pioneer, attracting early adopters and enthusiasts.

Growing User Base

Word-of-mouth referrals and positive experiences have led to an expanding user base, contributing to the project's popularity and success.

Optimized Performance

The utilization of load balancer and backend cron jobs has optimized the project's performance, ensuring smooth gameplay even during high-traffic periods.

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