Sundrip NFT marketplace

Sundrip NFT Marketplace is a curated platform born out of the renowned Superchief Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. It connects established and emerging artists with collectors in the NFT space, creating a bridge between the physical and digital art worlds.

Jul 10, 2023 - Sep 7, 2023


We Did


Web Development, Smart contract, Web3 Integration, Backend development, Project management

Technologies Used

Next.js, TypeScript, Solidity, Ethers.js, C#, Nethereum, AWS RDS, AWS EC2, AWS S3



Metadata Management

Enable artists to provide rich metadata for their NFTs, including descriptions, provenance, and additional information about their art.

Smart Contract Management

Develop and manage smart contracts for creating, transferring, and selling NFTs.

Real-Time Bidding

Implement real-time bidding capabilities for collectors to place bids on NFTs during exhibitions.

Exhibition Feature

Admins can create exhibitions, inviting artists to mint and showcase their NFTs.

Customizable Exhibition Grids

Allow admins to create and customize exhibition grid layouts to suit different artistic styles and preferences.

Authentication and Authorization

Implement a secure authentication and authorization system to ensure that only invited artists can mint NFTs

Notification System

Include a robust notification system for artists and collectors to receive updates on exhibition events, bids, and sales

Challenges & Solutions


Gas Fees

High gas fees on blockchain networks can be a challenge.


Implemented gas-efficient smart contract code and explored layer 2 scaling solutions to reduce costs



As the marketplace grows, scaling was challenging


Use cloud-based solutions and distributed architectures to handle increased user activity


User Experience

Providing light-weighted and smooth user interface was a challenge


Ensure a smooth user experience by optimizing images and implementing caching mechanisms for faster load times.

Results & Impact

User Adoption

The Superchief NFT Marketplace has experienced rapid user adoption, with a significant increase in the number of both artists and collectors joining the platform. This growth showcases the marketplace's appeal and its ability to connect artists with a global audience of collectors.

Artists' Earnings

The platform has empowered artists to monetize their work successfully. Many artists have reported substantial earnings from their NFT sales on the Superchief Marketplace, providing them with a new and sustainable revenue stream. This has a direct and positive impact on the livelihoods of creators.

Sales and Transactions

The Superchief NFT Marketplace has facilitated a substantial volume of NFT sales and transactions. This economic impact demonstrates the platform's effectiveness in connecting artists with collectors, fostering art sales, and contributing to the broader NFT ecosystem's growth.

Cultural Impact

Beyond financial success, the platform has made a significant cultural impact by bridging the gap between traditional and digital art. It has fostered innovation, collaboration, and experimentation within the art community, resulting in the creation of unique and groundbreaking NFT artworks.

Community Engagement

The Superchief Art Community has flourished on the platform, actively participating in exhibitions, events, and collaborations. This engagement has created a vibrant and supportive ecosystem where artists and collectors can connect, share ideas, and explore the limitless possibilities of NFT art.

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